5 Back to school marketing ideas

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5 Back to school marketing ideas

It’s that time of the year again! Back to school is a great way to brand your business and boost sales at the same time. If you never used back to school marketing before, consider trying it out this back to school season. Use this time to connect with your audience and clients.

1. Back to school contest

When you create a back to school promotion remember that your demographic should include the students. Older students and college students are very involved in their school supplies purchase. Online and social media specifically is the best place to find them and focus your efforts with the back to school contest. Hosting an online contest creates brand awareness and social engagement. Create the back to school contest rules and post them on all your social media platforms. Also make sure to email it to your contacts list to increase your ROI. You can also get more exposure by partnering with a non-competing company with the same target market as yours.

2. Back to school backpack drive

Back to school also means it’s back to school backpack drive time. Get your business involved with a charity group and advertise it to your social media followers and clients via email. This gives you an opportunity to reach out and do something good at the same time. Also giving away some free back to school promotional products with your brand on it is a great gesture and great branding.

3. Back to school promotions

Creating online and offline back to school promotions, discounts, is a great way to drive some traffic through the door. Create great back to school promotions and advertise them to your social followers as well as your email list. You can mix between back to school specials and free back to school offers to keep the buzz going. For example, if you are a bakery offer a free cupcake to students with a valid ID.

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4. Back to school coupons

Design and order some back to school coupons that you can give with orders so that clients can use save on future purchase. Back to school savings not only makes a customer happy at the idea of saving money, but will also increase chances of repeat business.

5. Free back to school gifts

Use free promotional products swag as incentives and thank yous. Offer a free imprinted T-shirt with a purchase over a certain amount spent or a free logoed mug. Everyone loves to get free stuff and free back to school gifts/supplies are no exception. By branding the items your company logo will stay top of mind.

Back to school marketing can be beneficial to your brand and sales. A back to school promotion will boost your local presence and can also boost your online presence. So go ahead, try your own back to school marketing campaign and let us know how it goes.

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